10 Things To Know Before Buying A New Smartphone

10 Things To Know Before Buying A New Smartphone

Smartphones are now becoming a part of daily life. The demand is increasing day by day according to the importance and necessity. But before buying these phones, you must look at 10 things to buy. Let’s find out about these 10 things.

Proximity sensor

The proximity sensor detects objects when they are near the phone. As a result, if you hold the smartphone close to the ear during the call, the display automatically shuts off. This helps to avoid unnecessary and accidental touches as well as saves batteries.


The accelerometer helps determine the orientation of the smartphone device. The main function of such sensors is to detect whether the smartphone is being kept in portrait or landscape mode and present the content on the screen accordingly.

Gyroscope sensor

The gyroscope sensor works with the accelerometer sensor on the smartphone. It acts as an additional dimension of movement for better motion detection like rotation or twist. The gyroscope is the sensor that helps us see 360 ​​degree photos of our smartphones. Also, this sensor helps players to move left or right when playing a sensitive game like a racing game.

Digital compass

The digital compass provides smartphone orientation data in the context of the Earth’s magnetic field. This enables the smartphone to understand real-world directions like North, South, East or West. It works based on magnetometers. This sensor is most helpful for users when using Compass or Maps on smartphones.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System Technology. It provides information about your current location or the place you are driving based on input from the satellite. It is not dependent on the data of the smartphone and therefore you can use your map even if your smartphone does not have internet connection.


There are basically two main functions of a barometer in a smartphone. First, it provides a GPS chip on the smartphone to quickly lock location by providing altitude data, and second, it works to measure atmospheric pressure. Which helps in measuring floor climbing information or taking temperature readings in health applications.


This sensor is mainly used for taking other biometric readings like fingerprint, IRIS, facial data on smartphones. This sensor is mainly used to unlock a smartphone or authenticate payments.


SFC stands for Near-Field Communication. This enables the two devices to communicate within a distance of 10 cm. It is used by payment applications such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for data transfer for smartphones and contactless payments. It is more secure than regular RFID or Bluetooth.


The pedometer provides step data on any digital device. This helps to improve the step count accuracy of the health app.

Ambient light sensor

The ambient light sensor is a photodetector. Which detects the intensity of the surrounding light and adjusts the brightness of the screen. This sensor is very popular and very effective in smartphones, laptops, TVs and automotive displays. Also, this same sensor is used in car auto-dimming mirrors.


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