Arrest Of The Hypocrite Who Made Kalema In His Own Name

Arrest Of The Hypocrite Who Made Kalema In His Own Name

Daulatpur (Kushtia) Correspondent: Bhandapir Abdur Rahman alias Shamim (65) of Daulatpur Upazila of Kushtia came to discuss the incident of burying the body of a teenager by playing drums and adding his own name by distorting the holy word. A case was filed in his name on several other charges including insulting religion.

Police arrested Bhandapir Abdur Rahman Shamim from his dormitory late on Thursday night, the day after the case. Muslims across the country have been outraged after two video clips went viral four months ago in the wake of an attack on religious sentiments at the Bhandapir’s dormitory. However, the police and the administration have not taken any action against him for unknown reasons even after making a written complaint in this regard.

Khalid Hasan, son of late Helal Uddin of Bara Ailchara village in Kushtia Sadar Upazila, filed a case with the Daulatpur Police Station on Wednesday night against Bhandapir Abdur Rahman Shamim as the sole accused. Following the case, Daulatpur Police Station Inspector (Investigation) Shafiqul Islam along with a large number of policemen raided the dormitory of Bhandapir Abdur Rahman Shamim at West-South Philippanagar village of Philippanagar Union in Daulatpur Upazila around 1am on Thursday. At that time Shamim was sleeping in a room of Astana. After searching the dormitory, the police arrested him and took him to the police station. At that time a few more people were staying in another room inside the dormitory.

It is learned that Ankhi (18), a teenage son of Mohsin Ali of West-South Philippanagar village of Philippanagar Union of the upazila, died of cancer on May 16 night. Before the burial, the janaza of the eye is held according to the religious rites. Sarwar Jahan Badshah, MP from Kushtia-1 Daulatpur constituency, a resident of the village, attended the janaza but returned home before burial due to illness.

After the departure of MP Badshah, Ankhi’s body was buried in the Astana premises in a festive ceremony by playing drums according to his own tradition. Where at least two hundred fans of Shamim were present. Earlier, all the people who had taken part in the janaza except Shamim’s followers were removed from there.

When a video clip of the incident went viral, the news came out in the media. Religious people became angry in protest. Within a few days, another video clip went viral. It shows the devotees of Bhandapir Abdur Rahman Shamim washing his feet with milk, kissing his feet and prostrating with his head on his feet. Besides, in the two videos that went viral, fans can be heard chanting ‘Hare Shamim, Hare Shamim, Hare Hare Hare Shamim’ in a very Hindu style.

Shamim was setting up a dormitory in his village and setting up a drug den there and carrying out anti-social activities. Adolescents are more likely to be there. Shamim made them believe in his own way by brainwashing them by staging anti-social activities by intoxicating them with drugs.

Besides, Bhandapir Abdur Rahman Shamim distorted the holy word by claiming to be the prophet of Bengal. By associating his name with the word (La ilaha illallah ‘Shamim Baba’ Rasulullah) he preaches that it is correct. Even his foolish fans believe he keeps it. The Bhandapir also commented that Hajj will be held in his dormitory in the future. These incidents were reported in various media outlets and two video clips of his hypocrisy went viral. There was widespread outrage among devout Muslims across the country.

On May 30, a local delegation led by AKM Fazlul Haque, chairman of the local Philippnagar Union Parishad, lodged a written complaint with Kushtia Deputy Commissioner Saidul Islam against Bhandapir Abdur Rahman Shamim and demanded severe punishment. Despite widespread allegations of drug and anti-social activities in his dormitory, including hurting the religious feelings of Muslims, the administration and police have been in a completely silent role for unknown reasons.

Daulatpur police inspector (investigation) Shafiqul Islam, who is investigating the case, said Shamim had been charged with eight counts, including insulting religious sentiments, holding people hostage, intimidation and extortion. Immediately after the case, the police started arresting him. Shamim was arrested from his dormitory late Thursday night. After interrogation, he was sent to Kushtia jail on Friday afternoon.


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