Case Against Wife, Including Russell, CEO Of Evaly

Case Against Wife, Including Russell, CEO Of Evaly

Desk Report: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of e-commerce company Evaly. Russell and his wife, Shamima Nasrin (chairman of the company), have been charged with embezzlement.

The matter has been confirmed by Gulshan Police Station Duty Officer Sub-Inspector Anind Talukder. The plaintiff in the case, Arif Baker, is a customer of Evaly. He said there have been lawsuits. Case number-19.

According to the case statement, Arif Baker had ordered several products, including motorcycles, from May 29 to June. These were supposed to be delivered within 8 to 45 working days but they did not. The solution was not found by calling customer care. He misbehaved when he went to the office and talked to their representatives. He also tried unsuccessfully to meet with CEO Russell. Evely has been extremely abusive with him.

The plaintiff in the case Arif Baker said, “I was informed by the police station at 12:25 pm that the case was filed in the light of my complaint.” However, I have not yet received a copy of the case. And the police did not give me any details about the exact time of the case.

Meanwhile, an inter-ministerial committee headed by the Commerce Ministry decided to recommend the Home Ministry to take action against Evaly on Tuesday. After a meeting held at the Secretariat, the Director General of the WTO Cell of the Ministry of Commerce told reporters. Hafizur Rahman.

He said that since the law has been violated, the Ministry of Commerce will take responsibility and hand it over to the law enforcement agencies. Earlier, the recommendation of the committee will be communicated to the Commerce Minister and Commerce Secretary.

Hafizur Rahman further said that information of 10 e-commerce companies was sought from Bangladesh Bank. One found. The rest of the information will also come. The meeting also discussed the activities of Dhamaka, e-Orange etc.

Evaly’s assets and liabilities

Evaly submitted the assets and liability accounts to the Commerce Ministry last week. It is mentioned there that their total liability is 544 crore rupees. The company’s chairman Shamima Nasrin and managing director (MD) as a shareholder. Russell gave the company. The remaining Rs 543 crore is the company’s current liability.

According to Evaly’s calculations, it has a current assets of Rs 90.06 crore against the liability. The property, installations and equipment together is 14 crore 8 lakh rupees. The sum of the two, totaling Tk 105.55 crore, is being shown as immovable property.

Excluding that amount from the total liability of Tk 543 crore, the remaining Tk 438 crore. The movable property of what is called Evaly. According to the statement, Evaly showed that out of the Rs 438 crore movable property, Rs 423 crore is the brand value of Evaly and Rs 15.63 crore is the invisible property. The company has set its own brand value.

Evaly’s debt to customers alone is Rs 311 crore. This debt is against a total of 2 lakh 8 thousand 741 customers. This calculation is till last 15th July.


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