Concentrate on literary practice and change society

Concentrate on literary practice and change society

Concentrate on literary practice and change society. Although there is no benefit to society by a literary lover, there will never be any harm or loss. Now the question is, why there will be no harm or harm to the society by literary lovers? Let’s come to a little analysis, in simple words, literary practice means reading any book for peace of mind, self-satisfaction and quenching thirst for knowledge.

Which is imposed on the individual’s own taste. Now in the case of literary lovers. There are two classes of literary lovers. One class is to spread peace of mind and self-realization to others through writing. Another category is to enrich oneself with self-peace and knowledge by reading literary writings. These two classes can be called literary lovers.

These two classes complement each other. A literary lover has to pass these two classes for full development. I understood literature and literature lovers. Now the mind of the literary lover is morality.

Let’s analyze the mentality a little. The national life of a country is inextricably linked with good morals and mentality. As a result, Russia, England and Switzerland are the most civilized and developed nations in the world today. Although our condition is like that of a dying tortoise, which is closing its eyes once in the taste of death and opening its eyes again. That’s what I was saying about the literary world.

Kazi Motaher Hossain Chowdhury said, Human life can be compared to a two-story house. The organism is the lower floor of that house, and the human being is the upper floor. Education is the ladder to rise from the house of living beings to the house of humanity. Education can take us to the home of humanity. Of course he also works in the living room; One of his tasks is to humanize the matter of greed. But his real job is to introduce people to humanity.

In other words, just as there are necessary aspects of education, there are also unnecessary aspects. And the unnecessary aspect is its best aspect. He teaches how to enjoy life, how to become the owner of the mind and taste the juice of feelings and imagination. This aspect of education does not get bigger because of the wrong education and the chaotic living room downstairs has become so chaotic that unfortunate people have to be aware of it all the time. He can’t remember the floor upstairs.

Everyone is a prisoner of money. The same sound is rising in the hearts of rich and poor: want, want, want more. Therefore, if people are not freed from the worries of money, then money is not a way of life – education cannot produce gold in human life if it is not well understood. As a result, the benefits of education will be personal, one or two people here and there will be able to realize the real purpose of education, but most people will remain in the dark.

In a word,In the mind of the writer, various types of well-dreamed thoughts peek out, that dream blinks the failures and hardships of the day in such a way that it makes itself self-confident to be the confident and invincible worker of the new day. Just like Einstein’s theory of relativity. Therefore, along with spiritual development, the door to be established in life is opened in the life of a literary lover. Now, let’s move on to the national curse. It is good to remember that the national curse refers to all obstacles to the progress of the state and the nation. Maybe corruption, terrorism, black market, robbery, etc. But we will focus on corruption today.

Looking back, the word corruption really comes to mind of government officials and employees. Government officials are meritorious and have good results in formal education trials. Now the question is, why are the meritorious officials with good results corrupt today? So what is the cause of moral decay? But that’s right, there are still many honest officials at every level, otherwise who knows when the country would go to the abyss. So what is the lack of family education?

This is unlikely to happen. Because everyone comes from a well-educated family. Corrupt officials have written thousands of words about the service of the country and the nation in the field of education and have been praised by the teachers. So that target boy is so corrupt today? Why is the country and the nation latently hated by abandoning morality? Understandably, in the hostile environment of high places, the deterioration of morality is the story behind being corrupt. .

In order to save the country, society, nation and state from this corruption, we have to concentrate on literature. The topic of text literature can be about corruption and corrupt people. Hate against corruption will spread from here. Literature is the nerve force of a nation. It is possible to accomplish any taskBecause such an example is in the pre-history of our nation. For example language movement and liberation war. Many stories, poems and novels have been written. Literature written about this inspires our minds. Strengthens our minds.

Inspires us, makes us protest. Creates motivation to stand up against injustice. Therefore, the necessity of Ekushey’s literature is undeniable in our national life. There are two things called Bengali literature and Bangladeshi literature. Originally, the literary journey of Bangladesh started from 21st February. Since this 21st of February, the way of life of Bangladeshi people has been revealed in Bengali literature. The spirit of the later liberation war has enriched our literature. Let the nervous warriors stay in the memory forever. Similarly, our next war will be against corruption. Literary practice should be the tool of this war. The importance of literary practice is immense. Literature helps us to know the truth. Literature brings about the all-round development of humanity.

Literature helps us to judge injustice and guides us on the path of liberation and welfare. Literature not only satisfies our own personal needs, through literature we can learn about the people of all time and the way of life of the past, but also through the literature of other languagesJust as we can learn about the past through literature, so we can record our own thoughts and ideas for the future. Contemporary society and life can be found in medieval literature as well. We get happiness later by focusing on that incident of real laughter and crying. This is the most important aspect of the literary lesson.

We develop our own imagination through literary reading.‌ The development of imagination is a significant aspect of literature. When an image is found in literature looking for religious descriptions and believable characters, it makes us people of a different world. Besides, when we read any biographical literature, the message of our infinite eternity forgets itself.

Many of us spend our leisure time reading books. So the book can be called a leisure companionPeople of different ages retire and read different types of books. A little child loves to hear fairy tales. He enjoys listening to fairy tales. Writing about adventures in search of teenagers. Because teenagers of this age get emotional twists in this composition. And at a young age, young people look for romance religious literature because through it they find the material of life.

And older people love to read stories and novels. They read these stories and novels and absorb the deep and informative aspects of life. Ekala is the age of science and also the age of loneliness. Literature can bring immense joy in the present lonely and isolated life. Because through literature, real life is enhanced and an infinite isara emerges and through it we can feel the new value of life.

But as a result of this aversion to literary practice, this stage of the Bengali nation today, its responsibility is on the family, the state and the society. The family and parents teach the child to give more importance to the textbook for better results. Parents should inculcate love for literature for the mental development of the child. The state should rely on literature for primary education, it should sow the seeds of literature in the minds of children.

In this case, the child’s favorite book should be given importance. On the other hand, its continuity must be maintained at the secondary and higher secondary levels. Libraries should be established from house to house. Family libraries should be expanded. Society should come forward in the field of literature. Libraries should be built in the neighborhoods.

Emphasis should be given to the case of mobile library. The people, the society, the state must be washed away by the flood of literature. It is not forced literary practice, but the situation and environment should inspire literary practice. It is necessary to create love for literary practice. In the touch of literature, the sense of humanity can awaken the sense of conscience in such a way that it is a far cry from corruption, no thought will come. I will live with ideals, let principles and morality be applied in life.

Sheikh Saymon Parvez Himel,
A student of Pharmacy department,
Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University.


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