Despair Has Left Me Lonely: Ritabhari

Despair Has Left Me Lonely: Ritabhari

Desk Report: Two surgeries on the body are having a huge impact on the body and mind of actress Ritavhari Chakraborty. From which he could not fully recover. Now this star is suffering from extreme depression. He had kept these things hidden for so long. However, he recently made the words public with a post on Instagram.

In the post, Ritavhari writes, ‘Since 2013, I have been following a strict diet-routine to keep my figure right. Every day I would take a selfie in front of the mirror to see if I was OK. But 6 months ago, all the rules were confused when I had an operation. I used to lie in bed all the time. I couldn’t move. ‘

The actress further wrote, ‘The operation went well but surrounded by frustration. I told myself- everything will be fine with time. But my work-crazy mind did not have patience. I want to tell everyone, I’m fine. There is no more physical pain. But frustration has left me lonely. I will tell you everything later. ‘

Towards the end of the post, Ritabhari expressed his love to the fans. And fans and colleagues have filled him with love and good wishes.


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