Dozens Of Models Including Nayla Naeem May Be Arrested

Dozens Of Models Including Nayla Naeem May Be Arrested

RAB arrests Nazrul Islam Raj alias Nazrul Raj, owner of Raj Multimedia Parimani has been charged with blackmailing, drug dealing and pornography. RAB says that apart from Parimani, dozens of model-actresses from Dhaka’s showbiz world are involved in the banned porn business.

Among the accused are Shubha, Mansi, Parsha, Maury and Anchal. Besides, actress Shirin Shila, known as the girlfriend of the casino emperor, is on the RAB list. There is a so-called model named Mridula, Ahna and Nayla Naeem in the porn cycle. All of them are under the surveillance of RAB. Arrests can be made at any time.

It is known, but not just the heroine or model. Several filmmakers are involved in the drug and illicit pornography business.

RAB intelligence director Lt. Colonel Khairul Islam told the media that specific allegations have been made against several model-actresses besides Parimani.


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