Effective Lung Exercises To Protect Against Corona

Effective Lung Exercises To Protect Against Corona

Desk Report: To protect your lungs from coronavirus and increase its effectiveness, follow some simple rules and start lung exercises at home right now. Also use two masks when going out.

Weight loss will be followed by lung problems. Therefore, a balanced diet rich in protein and foods rich in vitamin A should be eaten in large quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits. To increase the supply of oxygen to the body, the lung exercise should be

  1. Sit in the lotus position with both hands straight
2. Keep the spine straight
3.Inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth
4. Hold the nose with one hand on the right side and breathe on the left side
5. Exhale to the left with full breath
6. Do the same in the opposite direction
7. First do it Ten times, then gradually increase.


This small exercise at least twice a day provides oxygen to the lungs. If you have shortness of breath during this coronary period, you must consult a specialist without neglecting.

Also take regular walks and light exercise. Influenza and pneumonia vaccines should be taken with the advice of a doctor. Smoke, avoid dust, quit smoking and stay away from mosquito repellent spray while no one else is smoking.


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