Family ties are essential for building a propoer social system

Nilkontho Aich Majumdar

Family ties are essential for building a propoer social system-Nilkontho Aich Majumdar. Family intolerance is increasing day by day in our society. And its evils are hurting the social system extremely. The main reason for this is the family division which makes us think. The biggest thing is that our commitment to society and family has taken a huge toll on that place. And This crack is increasing day by day.

The main place of our education is our family. The family is a perpetual social organization. And the most hopeful thing in a family is family ties. Family bonds are emotional relationships formed between all members of the family. Mutual trust, affection, love, respect, trust etc. are the basis of family ties. When family ties are not strong, the existence of the family is in crisis, which weakens the social system and creates social unrest. With the development of mankind, the progress of society and the form and structure of the family have changed.

Then there is the social position. Humans are social creatures. People have been living socially since ancient times. Living socially is the religion of human beings. Society is basically an institution. The advancement of mechanical civilization, industrialization, urbanization and the use of modern science and technology have brought about great changes in the present societyAs a result, this change has taken place in the economic, political, social, cultural, religious discipline, etc. of the society. And society is controlled by the family. So this change in the family has had a huge impact on the society.

The origin and evolution of the society has taken place through mutual cooperation. Therefore, it can be said that a good family life is the basis of a social state. We get a civilized society with proper management of family and society. And education is involved with it. The family and the social system are constantly moving in the opposite direction of building our beautiful society. At the same time, the process of education system is also keeping pace. There is no denying the contribution of science in the modern age.

But how are we using this opportunity in our family and socially? We are gradually losing the family and social rule and education systemAs a result, this chaos in the social system is increasing day by day. We keep ourselves so busy that we don’t even have time to spend socially. The necessity of writing can be highlighted by mentioning a few things recently. Famous Bengali actress and former Member of Parliament Kabari has died after being attacked by Corona. A little part of one of her interviews went viral after she died. She said , “I haven’t had a good friend in my life, I haven’t had a good husband, my children are like that! I will sit with someone and have a cup of tea, I will talk open mind – I did not get it”.

The deadbody of “Bisso Rajnitir Ekso Bochor” writer, renowned columnist, former Jahangirnagar University professor Tareq Shamsur Rahman has been rescuded from his home by breaking down the door. He was alone at home. The wife and daughter are in the United States. At the time of his illness and death, no one was around and no one knew about his death. One Corona patient committed suicide by jumping from Mugda Hospital after writing a suicide note. He wrote about his loneliness.

There was money but there were no relatives or friends. Family relatives were all in developed countries, including the United States. He wrote that he committed suicide as he could not bear the loneliness. Every aspect of it is heartbreaking which has hit the society and the family hardAfter mentioning the three facts, there is no denying that there is a growing tendency to be lonely in our society. But why is loneliness? Just the hope of being better or a process of severing social bonds. When these three issues come up in the media, there is a bit of a stir for a while.

But over time ,it is lost again. Although these incidents are lost, the message that these writings are giving to the society and the state is very complex and its consequences are sending a terrible message to us. Is it at all possible for the state to resolve these wounded issues of life through law? People used to be shocked when they heard about the old age home but now that feeling is not waking up.

People are constantly breaking family ties in the hope of getting better and bigger But even though we are economically big, we are losing the place of humanity. Those are the result of the process of breaking the bond. Things move for a while, but after a while it is gone. Once upon a time, one person took the news of another through a letter, but now there is no time to say hello on mobile. The question is whether this is just a lack of time or something else.

A little checking will show that time is not the only thing involved. We are failing to teach humanity to our generation. Failing to create the real purpose for which the family is formed is only dreaming of future generations to be financially self-sufficient Everyone is busy making his child doctor or engineer. But we are not teaching our next generation to be good people or to live socially even after becoming a doctor or engineer In many cases, we’re evaluating the place of family values financially. In many cases we think that money is now the main tool to measure people As it has its benefits, all is lost because humanity is not added to earning money. Many people are losing interest in doing something good without getting rewarded. Social workers are also being deprived of state and social assessment.

Even the socially awake people have become known in the eyes of the society as useless people today. At one time it was the main tool of political leaders to benefit the people through it the political leaders would take place in the minds of the common people. Their main vow was to benefit the people. Over time, politics has become the occupation of the chair and the role of the ruler. The biggest thing is that all the syllabus that were included in the institutional education for family and social values are lost in the invisible black claw. What we were able to achieve in formal education is also dirty today. Education is only getting stuck in certificates. As a result, students are getting busy with getting numbers. In order to run the state system properly, there is no alternative to strict adherence to social norms. Because that’s where human etiquette comes from. People who do not have decency bring harm to the society which we are always witnessing. And day by day when the scale of loss becomes heavy, the society and the state system come to a standstillIn this age of change in the family and society, every level of the state will have to suffer if the necessary steps are not taken to maintain the basic foundation of the family and society. And in this case it is necessary to strengthen the basic foundation of family and society. Responsibility does not belong to any particular person or government. Every person in the family, society and the state is responsible for this amendment. It is necessary for all to play a role in building a society from its mainstream through joint efforts.

Author Introduction:Teacher, Mediaworker
Lecturer, Alinagar Technical and Commercial College
President, Ishwarganj Press Club


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