Gulshan-Banani Star Hotel Under Detective Surveillance

Gulshan-Banani Star Hotel Under Detective Surveillance

Desk Report: After the arrest of popular Dhaka film actress Parimani, controversial model Faria Mahbub Piasa and Maryam Akhter Mau, law enforcement and detectives are keeping a close watch on Gulshan and Banani elite areas of the capital. As a result, the number of influential people and beautiful young women who are their companions has decreased in the star hotels here.

In addition, the residents of some houses known as ‘Safe Place’ for party houses and anti-social activities have covered themselves. Most of the lead lounges, massage and beauty parlors involved in immoral activities have been closed.

Model Piasa was arrested from Gulshan and Mau from Mohammadpur on the night of August 1. Then on the evening of August 4, actress Parimani was arrested from her home in Banani. Several of their close associates were also arrested.

They are accused of smuggling gold, illegal arms, blackmailing, drug trafficking, money laundering abroad, evading revenue of hundreds of crores of rupees and importing cars. Since then, panic has spread among many in the so-called model and silver world. Who at one time became close to the Piasa-Mau and Parimani chakras. Many institutions run by them stopped in panic.

Meanwhile, after the arrest of Piasa, many ‘safe places’ of those involved in ‘blackmailing’ through immoral acts are now empty.

Concerned people said that in these houses called ‘Safe Place’, the young women of the circle used to be close to the rich people. Many well-known businessmen, politically, socially and economically influential people also used to go there. This opportunity was used to capture videos of their special moments with hidden cameras. With which the cycle would snatch large sums of money from the victims.

In addition, parties were often held in different houses. Where many people would become unconscious by taking excessive intoxicants. They were also blackmailed. At some parties, the ‘party cheeks’ would accompany the guests and capture videos and stills of them. With which the latter would be trapped.

There are at least 23 such houses in Gulshan-Banani area. Most of these are now reported to be closed after the actress model scandal.

According to the security personnel of a lead lounge in Banani, the owner of a lead lounge used to organize regular parties in a two-storey house in a building on Block H-6. Where the heroes and heroines also used to travel. It has also been shut down after the arrest of actress models.

Concerned people further said that they are not only talking or chatting with the models, they have also been involved in big crimes. The godfathers of misdeeds are avoiding public gatherings while they are out of the discussion after the arrest of Piasa Chakra.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the RAB’s law and media branch, told Jugantar that “we have always had an active role in building bars in someone’s house, taking drugs illegally and selling them.” The recent arrest of actress Parimani is an excellent example of this. If anyone is involved in illegal activities and drug dealing behind the lead lounge, they will not be released.


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