Gym-Yoga And Water-Fried Malaika

Gym-Yoga And Water-Fried Malaika

Desk Report: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has always been in the limelight with her fitness, fashion and personal life. Fitness freak actress Malaika not only does gym but also does regular yoga to keep herself fit. Malaika has maintained her age through a healthy diet, hard core workouts and yoga exercises. He drinks alkaline water or alkaline water to retain the youth of the skin.

The paparazzi want to take pictures of Malaika as she leaves the Pilates class in Mumbai recently. Then a photojournalist asked her, Madam, do you drink black water? Hearing this, Item Girl laughed and said that she drinks alkaline water.

Some people say about alkaline that drinking it does not cause premature aging, you will stay young for a long time. Experts say that the use of this drink controls the pH level of the body, because the pH level of this drink is higher than normal water. This can help prevent chronic diseases.

One study found that people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol could benefit from drinking this water.

Benefits of Alkaline Water:

# Increases metabolism.

# Increases oxygen uptake.

# De-toxification and digestion are good.

# This drink can prevent aging.

# Helps to clean the colon.

# This drink helps to increase our immunity.

# By drinking it, you stay hydrated for a long time.

# Drinking water every day keeps the skin taut and removes toxins.

# This drink also helps in weight loss.

# It can help prevent cancer.


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