Naeem’s Song With A Viral Girl In The Net World

Naeem's Song With A Viral Girl In The Net World

Naeem-Shabnaz, a one-time popular couple of Dhaka cinema. Although they have not acted in any new movie for a long time, they are quite regular on social media. Their youngest daughter Mahdia Naeem Murad is also a well-known face on social media.

This time Naeem is getting praise from the listeners by singing with his daughter. Mahdia sang with her father in the happy renaissance band of the seventies ‘Bhalo Lage Jochna Raate’. On Monday (August 30), Mahdia uploaded a video of the song on her Facebook page and wrote, ‘I sang one of our favorite songs. ‘

The video shows father and daughter singing on the boat. Naeem is playing guitar and singing along. Daughter Mahdia is also singing with her father.

Even before this, Mahdia was praised on social media by covering multiple songs. He has been practicing music since childhood. He has a channel on YouTube. He published songs of various artists there.

Namira, the eldest daughter of the Shabnaz-Naeem couple, is studying abroad. Although she is not involved in cultural activities, she regularly encourages her sister.

It may be mentioned that the first movie of the Shabnaz-Naeem duo ‘Chandni’ was released on October 4, 1991. Then they became a popular couple among movie lovers overnight. The two suddenly got married in 1994. They have acted together in a total of 20 movies. Notable among these are ‘Jid’, ‘Love’, ‘Chokhe Chokhe’, ‘Anutapta’, ‘Bisher Bashi’, ‘Sonia’, ‘Takar Ahankar’, ‘Sakshat’ and ‘Ghare Ghare War’.


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