No Electric Poles. Bamboo And Trees Are Being Used By People In Several Villages At Risk

Shimrail, Charnikhla, Kakanhati, Dattapara, Rahmatganj, Nayshimul

Ishwarganj: No Electric Poles. Bamboo And Trees Are Being Used By People In Several Villages At Risk. There are electric wires wrapped around the olive tree. After some distance, electric poles have been replaced by bamboo. Not only that, electric wires are scattered on bamboo and trees across a few villages in the vicinity.

In some villages of the municipality, bamboo has been used mostly for electricity connection. Those who have taken electricity connection on their own initiative, a few villages are at risk due to unplanned connection.

The electric wire is being held in the hand as soon as the hand is raised from the ground. Such is the picture of Shimrail, Charnikhla, Kakanhati, Dattapara, Rahmatganj, Nayshimul and Dhamdi villages of Ishwarganj upazila of Mymensingh. As can be seen on the ground, All these villages of the municipality are being electrified with bamboo and trees. Accidents often happen due to the small distance of the wire from the ground. PDB has its spiral in the tree. Bamboo has been used instead of poles.

The picture of Charanikhla village is similar. Many families have taken electricity connection from poles with bamboo. This has been going on for a long time. It has been pulled from the pole with bamboo for about 1 km. There are no electric poles anywhere in this one kilometer. Bamboo has been used in all of them. Mostafa, a resident of Shimrail village, said there had been no poles for a long time. Work is being done with bamboo instead of poles. Even after informing the authorities, no one is taking cognizance.

Talking to Suruj Ali, a resident of Charnikhla village, he said, Electricity connection has been provided with bamboo for about ten years. Remedies have been sought many times to provide electricity with poles instead of bamboo. Went to the people’s representatives. Despite assurances, there was no remedy. Thus, he thinks that he is at serious risk with electricity connection.

Mayor of Ishwarganj Municipality Bir Muktijoddha Alhaj Md. Abdus Chattar said that bamboo and trees have been used instead of electric poles in different places of the municipality. There are complaints from the locals about the matter. The concerned authorities were repeatedly informed about the poles but did not listen.

Asked about this, Upazila Resident Engineer Abdullah Al Noman said he was aware of the bamboo poles. He said that the maintenance budget of Shimrail village will be included in the maintenance budget for the financial year 2021-2022.

Ishwarganj Upazila Executive Officer. Zakir Hossain said, It is risky to have electric wires in a tree or bamboo. If this happens, measures will be taken to resolve the issue through a residential engineer.


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