With Online Bomb-Making Training, They Attacked The Police

With Online Bomb-Making Training, They Attacked The Police

Desk Report: Zahid Hasan alias Boma Zahid alias Raju alias Forkan Bhai, one of the new JMB bomb makers, a student of Chemistry Department of Jahangirnagar University, used to impart training in making bombs online. The Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit (CTTC) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police recently arrested two associates of Zahid. The CTTC said the detainees had learned how to make bombs online from Zahid.

The arrested are- Shafiqur Rahman Hridoy alias Baitullah Mehsud alias Captain Khattab and Md. Khalid Hasan Bhuiyan alias Afnan.

Monday (August 2) at noon in the press conference organized by the media and public relations department of the DMP CTTC chief. Asaduzzaman gave this information.

He said the two members of the new JMB were arrested on May 18 in connection with a bomb attack on police at a signboard traffic box at Narayanganj Siddhirganj Police Station near Dhaka. They were arrested in a raid in Jatrabari police station area of ​​the capital on Sunday (August 1). 400 grams of red explosives, three cans of butane gas, a set of remote control devices, 4 packets of small bearing balls, 10 Christmas bulbs, two black electric tapes, an IED making manual and a motorcycle used in the attack were recovered from them. Is done. ‘

CTTC chief said. Asaduzzaman said, ‘They (militants) are not active offline, but they are active online. However, the city dwellers have nothing to worry about. The CTTC is arresting militant members before any incident takes place.

He said, “On July 11, CTTC’s Bomb Disposal Unit and SWAT team in a joint operation arrested Abdullah Al Mamun, a member of the military wing of the new JMB from Noagaon area of ​​Araihazar police station in Narayanganj district, with bombs and bomb-making equipment. On the basis of Mamun’s information, Shafiqur and Khalid Hasan, members of the military wing of the new JMB and one of the artisans of making bombs, were arrested from Jatrabari area of ​​the capital.

He said, “It is known from the preliminary interrogation that on May 16, at the direction of the new JMB Amir Mahadi Hasan Jan alias Abu Abbas Al Bangali, a bomb was targeted at the signboard traffic box under Siddhirganj police station in Narayanganj district. After several attempts due to a faulty remote, the bomb failed to explode and they left the scene, leaving the remote on the side of the road. The bomb disposal unit of CTTC later defused the bomb at the spot.

He said, ‘Shafiqur Rahman, who was arrested under the leadership of Mahadi Hasan Jan, was serving as the captain of the military branch of the new JMB. The arrested Shafiqur and Khalid Hassan made the IED used in the attack in Abdullah Al Mamun’s room under the supervision of Forkan, an online bomb-making instructor, after watching the bomb-making manual and video.

‘The detainees, along with their other accomplices, had gathered to sabotage and attack the police. A case has been filed against them at Jatrabari police station. The operation to arrest the fugitive accused involved in the incident is continuing.

When asked about Boma Zahid alias Zahid alias Forkan Bhai, the CTTC chief said, ‘Forkan is a student of Chemistry Department of Jahangirnagar University. He has bomb-making skills. Forkan, as an online trainer, created the IED in the room of arrested Abdullah al-Mamun, who was used in the attack on police. Efforts are on to arrest Forkan.

Regarding the online activities of the militants, he said, “The activities of the militant organizations have increased more online than offline.” We are also active. As their online activity increases, it can cause anxiety or discomfort to city dwellers. We have recently arrested many top militant leaders. We want to reassure city dwellers that militants are no longer a threat.

Also present at the press conference were CTTC’s Special Action Group Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rahmat Ullah Chowdhury and Assistant Commissioner of Police Md. Mahmuduzzaman.


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