Porimoni In A Five Star Hotel In Kolkata

Porimoni In A Five Star Hotel In Kolkata

Suddenly, the famous actress Porimoni went straight from Dhaka to a five star hotel in Kolkata. Arriving in Kolkata on Thursday, the heroine informed the fans by posting nine pictures together on her verified Facebook page.

On this day, Parimani took multiple pictures of the dress mixed with yellow and black colors. He took multiple pictures not only of himself but also of the hotel. Another person was seen with him. Although the actress did not reveal her identity. Written above the pictures, ‘Happy landing’ means I have come down in a good way. Next to the hashtag, ‘Kolkata 2021’.

But suddenly the heroine went to work in Bengal? However, he did not give any reason for his visit to Kolkata. However, according to sources close to the bride, the heroine has gone to Kolkata for treatment.

The whole film world has been fighting with his girlfriend since last June. He accused the influential person of rape and attempted murder. He was then arrested in a drug case. You also have to stay in jail. After his release on bail, one message after another on Facebook repeatedly brought him into practice.

In terms of professional work, two movies ‘Spark’ and ‘Operation Sundarbans’ starring Parimani are currently awaiting release. Ongoing shooting of multiple movies. Giasuddin Selim’s ‘Gunin’ and Rashid Palash’s ‘Pritilata’ are among them. The heroine is suddenly on a trip to Calcutta.


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