Veteran Indian Actor Says Parimani Is Not ‘Polite’

Veteran Indian Actor Says Parimani Is Not 'Polite'

Only one picture shared the screen. Again in a scene. Even then, Biplob Chatterjee, a veteran actor from Kolkata, said a little too much about Parimani, the popular heroine of Dhakai films.

In a recent interview to the media, the actor said, ‘There is no question of sharing the screen with a woman like her (girlfriend)! I was in one frame in a dance scene. So far! ‘

It is learned that in 2016, Parimani played the lead role in a film called ‘Rakta’. The film, co-produced by Bangladesh and India, also starred Tollywood actor Biplob Chatterjee. In the same film, he was seen in a dance scene with his girlfriend.

Referring to the legendary actress Shabana in an interview to the media, Biplob said, ‘Shabana is literally a lady. She also has a conversation with her husband. There is no comparison of the star couple. But I don’t want to tell my girlfriend anything other than a woman. ‘

This actor said about Parimani, Parimani is not ‘polite’? The actor claims that he has heard a lot about his girlfriend. Which he did not like. Biplob claims, ‘Not all rumors are false. If there is nothing, so much notoriety can be heard in one’s name! ‘

Has he ever come to his girlfriend’s house? In response, Biplob said, ‘Blood’ was shot in Kolkata. So there is no question of going to Bangladesh. Although he went to work, he did not go to his girlfriend’s house. “Whenever a baby boy wants to come to me, his mother stops him and says, ‘Don’t go.’ He is a very naughty man. ” I am afraid of that notoriety. ‘

The actor claims that several actors from Kolkata actually went to Bangladesh to meet their girlfriends. However, he did not mention their names.

If Parimani is released from all charges in the coming days, will you act with her? In response, Biplob said, ‘Acting is my profession. There I am the ultimate professional. I have no recourse to anyone. ‘

It is to be mentioned that last Wednesday evening, RAB arrested Parimani from her Banani house with huge amount of drugs. A case was filed against him under the Narcotics Act at Banani Police Station. In that case, the heroine was first remanded for four days. The Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday remanded him in custody for two more days as his term expired.

Parimani is currently in remand after being arrested in a drug case. There is a lot of criticism and debate going on around him. The actress was also accused of having an affair with a police officer outside of a drug case.


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