Where Are The Five Murderers Of Bangabandhu In Secret?

Where Are The Five Murderers Of Bangabandhu In Secret?

Desk Report: Five of Bangabandhu’s killers are still alive; They are hiding in different countries. Responsible government officials are optimistic about bringing two of the five to the country. Efforts are on to ascertain the whereabouts of the other three killers. A red notice has been issued through the NCB (Interpol) branch of the police headquarters regarding the five killers. The red notice has already been extended for another five years. Five murderers have been sentenced to death and are in hiding. Colonel SHMB Nur Chowdhury (Exemption), Lt. Colonel AM Rashed Chowdhury (escape), Lt. Colonel Shariful Haque Dalim (Exemption), Lt. Colonel Abdur Rashid (dismissed), Risaldar Mosleh Uddin (retd).

According to the NCB, Nur Chowdhury is now in Canada and Rashed Chowdhury is in the United States. While the whereabouts of the other three are not entirely certain, Shariful Haque Dalim’s possible location is in Pakistan or Libya, Abdur Rashid’s possible location is in Libya or Zimbabwe and Mosleh Uddin’s possible location is in Pakistan.

Asked about the progress of bringing back the five killers, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam MP told Bangladesh Pratidin: We know the possible position of Nur Chowdhury and Rashed Chowdhury. It is possible to bring them back at the end of the legal process. We have sued the Government of Canada to bring Nur Chowdhury back; Besides, we have continued our diplomatic activities on the basis of good relations. I hope it will be possible to bring him to the country. We are continuing the legal process regarding Rashed Chowdhury who is in the United States. We are also optimistic about bringing him back. ‘

Regarding the whereabouts of the other three killers, the state minister said, “We get different information about their whereabouts from time to time. If the location is confirmed, the matter will be investigated and steps will be taken to repatriate them. On November 8, 1996, the then Sessions Judge of Dhaka, Kazi Golam Rasul, sentenced 15 people to death and sentenced them to death in the Bangabandhu murder case.

The High Court on December 14, 2000, after hearing the appeals of the accused and confirmation of the death sentence against the judgment of the lower court, gave a divisive verdict. On April 30, 2001, the third bench of the High Court upheld the death sentence of 12 convicts and acquitted three of them. The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of 12 accused on November 19, 2009. Of the 12 accused, five were executed on January 26, 2010. They are Syed Faruk Rahman, Bazlul Huda, AKM Mohiuddin Ahmed, Sultan Shahriar Rashid Khan and Muhiuddin Ahmed. Accused Captain (dismissed) Abdul Majed was arrested from Gabtali in Dhaka on April 6 last year after hiding in India for 25 years. After the legal process, he was hanged on April 11 last year at 12:01 pm. Another convict, Aziz Pasha, died in Zimbabwe in 2002 while on the run.

According to the NCB, Interpol issued a red notice against Nur Chowdhury on August 31, 2009. Whose number is A-2691 / 6-2009. Shortly after the notice was issued, on March 25, 2010, the notice was extended for five years. Similarly, a red notice was issued against Rashed Chowdhury on January 8, 2009; Whose number is A-25 / 1-2009. Later, on July 28 of the same year, the notice period was extended for five years. A red notice was issued against Shariful Haque Dalim on June 26, 2009; Whose number is A-1611 / 6-2009. The mayor of the notice was later extended for five years. A red notice was issued against Khandaker Abdur Rashid on 31 August 2009, numbered A-2620 / 6-2009. A red notice was issued in June 2009 regarding Risaldar Mosleh Uddin. Whose number is A-1838 / 6-2009. NCB officials said, A letter has been sent to the foreign ministry through the home secretary requesting necessary steps to bring back the five surviving killers. NCB Dhaka officials are in constant touch with Interpol Canada and Washington and Interpol headquarters in this regard.

The Ministry of External Affairs will be informed through the Ministry of Home Affairs subject to receipt of information on the exact location of the three killers. The NCB is cooperating with all the concerned departments in this regard. Besides, the last meeting of the high level task force was held on September 10, 2020 at the state guest house Meghna to review the issue of bringing the accused to Bangladesh and take necessary steps in this regard. On 15 August 1975, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family were brutally killed. When the Immunity Act was repealed on November 12, 1996, Mahitul Islam, Bangabandhu’s personal assistant, filed a case with the Dhanmondi Police Station on October 2 of that year.


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