Here’s How To Keep Your Phone’s Data Secure

Hacker Attack Phone

Desk Report: Just as technology is a blessing in disguise in the digital age, its misuse is also the most criminal activity. Many people’s phone calls are tapped nowadays in various ways, for various reasons. The vicious circle tries to listen to the conversation.

Hackers can easily turn your phone into a tapping device just by finding out the vulnerabilities of your phone. Your confidential information is getting into the hands of hackers. Even personal photos. No one knows how or when information will be lost from someone’s phone.

So everyone is busy protecting personal information. But how? How to survive hacking? How to keep phone information safe? Hands on everyone’s heads. In such a situation, an American cyber expert pointed out an easy way to protect the privacy of the phone.

Angus King, a member of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, said two simple nemesis must be adhered to in order to avoid the reach of hackers. Then the possibility of data theft from mobile can be reduced a lot. However, it will not be possible to prevent information theft. What is that way?

Mobile switching off and switching on according to the rules. That being said, the phone needs to be rebooted once a week. Only then will the process of hackers stealing information be pushed. If someone constantly tries to steal information from the phone, the attempt will fail as a result of turning off the phone. Cyber ​​experts claim that phone data will be out of his reach for a while.

After turning on the phone, the hacker has to start the hacking process from the beginning. Which is a lot of time. As a result, their advice is to reboot the smartphone once a day if necessary to prevent phone hacking. Then the hacking process can be easily prevented.

So why delay, follow these new simple tips from today. And keep your phone safe. It is very important to be aware of the security of using mobile phones and technology.


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